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“White Christmas” musical lesson

Saturday 13 December 2008, by laurenceb

This lesson is based on a special mp3 mix [5 Mo- 5’25“] of 9 different interpretations of the same song”White Christmas " (Irving Berlin 1942) by various artists, of various epoques and various styles.

Students first have to match styles, artists and epoques, then have to match each track (sample) with an artist or style.

The activity then uses Bing Crosby ’s version of White Christmas performed on 21 december 1968 at the Hollywood palace for the students to fill in the lyrics of the song. (see the first two minutes of the video below)

The worksheet [.pdf] or [.odt] to download below is composed of two pages, one for teachers, the second for Students (to be photocopied)

You might eventually want to sing using this instrumental version from www.the-north-pole.com or allow your students to view this flash animation and sing along with Santa and His reindeers (YouTube).

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