Wednesday 26 March 2008, by laurenceb

Listening comprehension worksheet on eco-schools, using 2 audio files extracted from the movie here:

Download the worksheet [.pdf])
Download the audio files (.mp3) : part 1 - part 2

This activity is part of a series where we will also join the Green Squad : “An interactive tool for students that helps them understand their school their health and the environment and aids them in discovering what they might be able to do to improve the school environment. Interactive tools allow them to explore various rooms but they can also go to the”library“for fact sheets on asthma, air pollution, and other environmental concerns.”

The final task is to create posters to be hung in precise locations (playground, classrooms, corridors, etc) within and around the school and to sensitize the school community on environmental and health issues and risks.

Reading comprehension worksheet
copy of Green Squad poster

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